Dating corkscrews

Third, these marbles, always of one color combination, are often placed into reproduced polyvinyl bags by con artists.Original Marble King packages never contained all of one combination of colors.In an effort to battle this blow, Pinky, Howdyshell, and Duncan Peltier (son of Sellers) traveled to Japan in order to purchase the machinery necessary for producing catseye marbles.Negotiations failed, but not before they managed to learn how to copy Japanese techniques.

He died in 1991 after 42 years with the company; he was succeeded as president of Marble King, Inc. They did, however, create a number of styles which are unique to the company. These marbles are typically two-colored; one one pole have a patch of one color, with a ribbon of another color encircling the equator and then another ribbon of the original color paralleling it, and finally a patch of the second color on the opposite pole.By this method, white-based glass was covered with colored glass, which was much less expensive than using colored glass for the base.Marble King was sold to Howdyshell, Duncan Peltier, and Cornell Medley in 1963.As owner of 51% of the company (Sellers, co-owner of Peltier Glass, possessed the remaining 49%), Pink was in charge of the company.However, he was based in New York City and for the most part trusted operations of his plant to Roger Howdyshell.

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